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 Doubles Open Curling League


The Glen Meadows Curling Association is offering Open Doubles Curling in 2017-18. This is an "open" league for young or mature curlers on mixed or same gender teams.  Players can register either individually or as a team.  The league will play for 8 weeks before Christmas.

The new Olympic sport of mixed doubles curling is growing in popularity across the curling world especially with the recent announcement of inclusion for the 2018 Winter Games in Korea.

If you are interested in Doubles Curling and would like to learn more about it contact Dorothy Laidlaw at 250 656-9933 or


About Doubles Curling
Beyond the obvious difference, a two-person team versus a four-person team, the core elements of the game itself remain intact in the Doubles game. Teams can be mixed, or of the same gender, young or mature curlers. There is no requirement for special equipment or ice preparation, although the game is more fun on ice that curls. Curlers of all skill level can play. Each team delivers five (5) stones per end. With only two players, games are fast-paced and have lots of stones in play!  At the competitive level, each game is scheduled for eight (8) ends but that can shortened for a club experience of 5-6 ends (which takes less than 1 hour to play). The scoring is the same as in a regular game of curling.

The major difference between regular curling and mixed doubles curling is the positioning of two stones – one per team – that are set before the beginning of each end.  These “positioned” stones that are placed before the beginning of each end are also eligible to be counted in the scoring.

In a new term, the team with the ‘hammer’ or last stone advantage now has the option.  That option is which stones to position where.  Teams can decide to put their stone in the back four foot and the other team’s stone as the centre guard. If you choose this option, the opposition would deliver first in the end.  If you choose to put your stone as the guard, then you would deliver first.

What’s Different?

  • There are only two players on a team.
  • An entire game can be played in approximately 75 minutes!
  • The player delivering the first and last stone can change from end to end - so both players can be ‘skip’ for a while!
  • Each team can stage a special ‘Power Play’ end to shake up the game

A more detailed explanation of Doubles Curling with rules can be found at Doubles Curling or About Mixed Doubles Curling.

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